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Learn more about our innovative cloud platform for access control, time registration, attendance and visitor management.

The EasySecure platform makes access management a lot easier. 

Discover our different courses to learn more about our software for access control, time registration, attendance and visitor management. 


Become an expert

Learn everything there is to know about our software. For everyone who just wants to know the basics, for advanced users, for sales representatives and for our installation partners.

Become EasySecure Certified

Get certified by completing our different courses.

After succesfully completing a course we will send you a certification. 

Learn how to use EasySecure

For end users, for resellers and sales representatives.

We will add new EasyLearning courses regularly so you can stay up to date with the latest techniques and innovations. 

All courses will be available in English, Dutch and German.

What will I learn?

How to add users with diffent registration options.

Learn how to manage users in the software and add different registration credentials. Learn how to enroll fingers, add faces, create QR codes and send out mobile cards. 

How to set up access rights.

Set up access groups and connect them to different access control rules and time schedules. You decide who has access.

How to use our reports

Learn how to use the access log to see who entered the building or a specific door. Take a look at your attendance overview and manage the time reports of your employees and temporary workers.

How to be GDPR Compliant

In our privacy menu you can set different retention periods. In our courses we will show you how you can be sure there is never and unnecessary information in your database. We will also show you how to set up your security with 2FA or biometrics.

How to install the system

If you are an installation partner or EasySecure reseller you might want to know how to set up the system from schedule. We will dive into the full configuration of the software.

What are the benefits?

For our installation partners and resellers there will also be several courses available to show you the benefits of our solution. 

Software Courses

Get started with our beginner courses and learn how to use our software. 

Premium Courses

For our installation partners and resellers. Dive into our advanced courses to learn how to set up the system from scratch. 

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