20 – How to open a door in the software?

EasySecure – How to open a door in the software?

In this article we will show you how to open doors remotely within our EasySecure platform. 

  Please note: you need to use our EasyConnect solution to open the doors from a location outside your own network. All other configurations require you to be within the same network as the door you are opening. Please contact our support desk if you have any questions about your current configuration.

  1. Open the ‘Access’ menu on the left side of the software.
  2. Open the sub-menu ‘Door Management’
  3. You can now select a scanner to open or close the door. Foe example the employee entrance. 
You will see the following screen:
  1. Click Open Door to open the door. Please note! The door will remain opened untill you click Close Door. 
  2. Click Close Door to close the door. 
  3. Click Open Door Temporarily to open the door for an X amount of seconds. You can adjust the number of settings the door needs to be opened. The door will automatically close again after this period. 

 Do you have any questions about the door open menu? Please contact our support desk and we will be happy to assist.

You can reach us by phone or email. You can also directly chat or create a ticket within your EasySecure software environment or our helpcenter.

+ 31 (0) 85 015 0000.