26 – How do the access rights work?

EasySecure – How do the acces rights work?

Access rights are used in EasySecure to define how users may access specific doors or control specific registration terminals. In EasySecure we first define a couple of layers in building these access rights, before ultimately linking them to a specific user group.

These layers are divided in:

  1.  Scanners
  2. Doors
  3. Zones
  4. Time Schedules
  5. Access Rights
  6. User Groups

In the following schematic we show how these layers work together:



When all devices, doors and zones are properly added, we can create a user group to link to specific users and create the access rights.
Please read the following article for more information about the scanners, doors and zones.

Go to the Users menu and select “Groups”



Click “Add” to create a new user group.”


Enter the group name and confirm by clicking on “Save”


When the zones are properly defined we can link them to the created group via the access menu:


  1. In the menu, select “Access Control” 
  2. Click on “Add Group”  
  3. Select the user group from the list to open the access rights selection screen


The zones are new visible and can be selected and combined with preferred time schedules


Click save to confirm the selection. The access rights are new visible in the right column to give an overview of the existing rules.


Please note! Do not forget to execute a full synchronisation after creating or changing your access rights.  


Do you have any questions about the access rights? Please contact our support desk and we will be happy to assist.

You can reach us by phone or email. You can also directly chat or create a ticket within your EasySecure software environment or our helpcenter.

+ 31 (0) 85 015 0000.