23 – How to setup timed anti-passback?

EasySecure – How to setup timed anti-passback?

In this article we will explain how to use the Timed Anti Passback function within the EaySecure Software. With Timed APB you can make sure a user can not enter twice on the same access control scanner within a certain period. 

For example:   If you set the Timed Anti Passback period to 5 minutes then a user can only enter once during this period. All other actions in the next 5 minutes will be blocked. This is a perfect solution to make sure a user does not give entry to other people. 
  1. Click ‘Access’ in the main menu on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click ‘Anti Passback’ in the submenu.
You will now see the following screen: 

You can edit or delete existing ‘timed anti passback’ rules or you can add a new one. Click ‘Add‘ on the topside of the screen to add a new timed anti passback rule. 

  1. Select a scanner from the dropdown list. This is the scanner you want to activate the timed anti passback for. 
  2. Type is automatically set to TIMED APB.
  3. Enter the timeout period in seconds. If you set this to 300 seconds it means a user can not enter twice within this period. 
  4. You can select certain access groups to be excused from this rule. In the below example it means that the ‘EasySecure Rotterdam – Full Access’ group will bypass this anti-passback rule and can enter the employee entrance as many times as they want. 

Please note! After you have added all timed anti passback rules you will have to execute a full synchronisation to activate this feature in the memory of the scanners.

Please follow the instructions in the related article to execute a full synchronisation. 

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