9 – How do I check the status of a mobile DOM card?

EasySecure – How to check the status of a DOM Mobile Key?

In this article we will explain how to retrieve the status of DOM Mobile Keys. When creating or editing a user you are able to create a mobile key for our DOM ENiQ and DOM Tapkey products. 

After you create a DOM Mobile Key you have to synchronize the user. After issueing a mobile card you can always check the status of the mobile key you issued. 

For example:  you are not sure if the mobile key has been issues with the correct access rights. You can use this function to double check the information. 
Open the user for which you want to check the Mobile Key status.



Click the Mobile Key icon. You will see the following window:

Click ‘Status’ under the Tapkey Credential section to retrieve the status.

      1. You will now see all scaner / door names this user has access to. 
      2. In the columns next to it you can see the start date, date date and end date and end time. 
      3. This means the user will have access to these doors within these period

       Do you have any questions about the DOM Mobile Key? Please contact our support desk and we will be happy to assist.

    You can reach us by phone or email. You can also directly chat or create a ticket within your EasySecure software environment or our helpcenter.

    + 31 (0) 85 015 0000.