17 – How does the access log work?

EasySecure – How does the access log work?

The access log can be used to see who used the system for access control, time registration and attendance. You can always see which user was recognized on certain scanner and location. 
  1. Click Reports in the menu
  2. Click Reports again in the sub-menu 
  3. You will now directly open the access log. 
  4. The access log can also be opened with the quick key on your EasySecure dashboard. 



You are able to set several filters before displaying the information.
  1. From / To – Date & Time: Use this filter to show the access logs between specific dates and times.
  2. Doors:  Filter one of more specific doors. Switch the option ‘select all doors’ to no and select one or multiple doors from the dropdown. For example:  you want to see all users that entered the server room.
  3. Users:   Filters one or more specific users. Switch the option ‘select all users’ to no and select one or multiple users from the dropdown. You will only see the log records of these users.
  4. Locations:  Filter between one or multiple locations. We can filter between our Rotterdam office and our Dusseldorf office for example.
  5. Refresh Icon:  If the refresh icon is visible on the topside of the screen you can use this to directly retrieve remaining log records. Normally log records are retrieved every few minutes.
After applying the necessary filters you van click the button View Access Log to display the information.
You can use the button Export Access Log to export the information to a excel file.
In the access log you will find different columns containing log information:
  1. Time settings: The time and time this user user the system.
  2. User:  The user that was recognized with a finger, card, code, mobile, face or license plate.
  3. Image: If activated this will display snapshots of the user. For example:  someone is allowed to enter the server room with their access card. However, we want to take a snapshot of this user when entering. This column will display this snapshot.
  4. Scanner:  Which scanner for access control, time registration or attendance did they access.
  5. Location:  Which location they accessed
  6. Door:  Which door they accessed
  7. Event:  This will contain time registration or attendance information when the user pressed a function key. For example it will show:  Start Work, End Work, Start Break.
  8. Log:  This will show the result. For example:  it will displday if someone is recognized with a card, mobile, license plate or biometrics. It will display if a user does not have access at that moment or if a user is expired.
  9. Success:  If marked OK it means that the registration was succesful. The user was recognized and had access at that moment in time.

 Use the privacy menu to set retention periods for storage of the log records. You might only need the log records for a few months. Within our privacy menu there is an option to automatically delete log records after a certain period. 

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  Do you have any questions about the access log? Please contact our support desk and we will be happy to assist.

You can reach us by phone or email. You can also directly chat or create a ticket within your EasySecure software environment or our helpcenter.

+ 31 (0) 85 015 0000.